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"What? Touhounogi? Doesn't that sound just like some gimmicky combination of Touhou and Mabinogi?" you may be thinking right about now, and the answer is yes! It DOES sound like some gimmicky combination of Touhou and Mabinogi! And this post is about how I made it so that the in game music for Mabinogi is swapped out with Touhou music! Doesn't that sound like a Touhounogi to you?

Well first thing's first. Mabinogi uses an mp3 folder to read sounds into the game, making the songs ingame highly editable. All you need to do is swap the files and rename them and BAM! Playing whatever music you want! Don't like the boss room music? BAM! Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial. Got a problem with the Dunbarton theme? POW! Flight of the Bamboo Cutters ~ Lunatic Princess.

Now, you too, can have Touhou music set for your Mabinogi client! It's so simple! Just search "touhounogi" and click the second link! After that go to the first page and follow the instructions! Soon enough you'll be playing with upgraded music in Mabinogi!

This is a post about Mabinogi.

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I've been playing Mabinogi for a little over a year now, and the one thing that pulled me into it at first was the community. It was fun, friendly, and you could always meet new people. Back when I started, in G2S2 a common site would be campfires. Campfires with people sitting around them, talking. Often there would be a bard among them playing some music. If you sat down at a campfire, it was almost a certainty that someone would offer to share food. And once the fire went out, you were almost sure to here this line: "I'll go get more firewood.". Sometimes you'd leave a campfire with a few new friends. Sometimes you'd leave the campfire on a trek to Ciar Dungeon with those newfound friends. Sometimes people would just put up parties at Ciar for normal runs. Not because they needed help or they wanted to clear it quickly, but because it was fun. It was fun to run a dungeon with other people.

Now Mabinogi has become a lot less like that. It's become much more of a competition to see who can be the best, and people just aren't always as nice as they used to be. But the old ways can still come back. And I really hope they do. If you play Mabinogi, then you can help restore what was once a great community unlike any other online community. Just simply carry around a gathering axe with you and make a fire once in a while when you're in a town. Carry around food sometimes to share with people. And make dungeon parties just for the hell of it. People will want to go back to the old ways and new players will want to join the game more readily if we can recreate the mood that Mabinogi once was.

TL;DR: My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard and they're like, it's better than yours, damn right, it's better than yours. is a virus. That video is interesting.


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This is a post.

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This is a post.

ConnectiCon sucked.

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So, I went to ConnectiCon and I must say it sucked. There were few good panels, and not many good anime to see. The only good thing I really got out of it was Project DIVA. It's hard to play, since the notes are displayed in a weird way and you have to be really precise when pressing. The tiny buttons on the PSP don't help either. Still fun to play though, and the music is good. First song is World is Mine.

Chia dicks.

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I think they need to make chia dicks.

Just add water and watch it grow! Ch-ch-ch-chia!

Which means it's dakimakura time!

Can you guys link me to some SFW dakimakura so I may ask my mom to buy me one for my birthday? I already have these bookmarked.

Yukari (Sold Out)
Marisa (Sold Out)
Reimu (Sold Out)

Danbooru is back!

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