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This makes me feel like a nerd.

Sailor Moon poster on the wall
Vocaloid poster on the wall
Konata poster on the wall
Kirby figure on the shelf
Pikachu figure on the shelf
Uboa figure on the shelf
Her outfit has the emblem seen in Haruhi on it.
Whatever that red thing is on the shelf, kind of hard to distinguish
And I can't find a ninth, so I'm just gonna go ahead and guess that she's using SAI. That or she's drawing Rumia with SAI. That or her hair with the Miku ribbon in it.

And now to the picture. Pretty good, but the window is a bit large and Miku's headset is on backwards. The keyboard also looks a bit strange, considering the way the computer and her chair are tilted, but the setup I have isn't exactly orthodox either.

suwako responds:

yup - and OMG you know yume nikki i think i love you ;w;

and yus, it was the miku ribbon ^^

and actually, she was drawing my meltdown pic with SAI XD

and that's not a keyboard, that's a graphics tablet :D

thanks for the review! <3